Pattern of images in a rectangle

I have a Shape Preferably a rectangle and I have a image. I want my rectangle to be filled with my image. The image should be placed in the rectangle in tiled manner. Do you have this kind of functionality in Go Diagrams or can you provide me code snippet for the same?

Do I get extra credit if I do a non-Rectangular shape?

You just need to create a TextureBrush.

GoDrawing rTile = new GoDrawing(GoFigure.Cloud);

rTile.Size = new SizeF(200, 200);

rTile.Location = new PointF(100, 100);

Image tile = Image.FromFile(“SilverlightLogo-50.png”);

TextureBrush tb = new TextureBrush(tile);

rTile.Brush = tb;


Works with rectangles too.