PDF printing within a Vuejs SPA

We want to be able to use the PDF print code that Walter is maintaining at the Git site: GoJS/projects/pdf at master · NorthwoodsSoftware/GoJS · GitHub
in our Vuejs v3 SPA. We had trouble installing with npm and npm gave several size warnings. Further the npm run build and run serve commands are freezing up and hanging, I think because of size.
Are there any tricks or pro tips for how to integrate the PdfKit.js and the Blob-stream.js into a Spa app? Has anybody else had this problem? Maybe there is a minified version? We also saw require commands - do we need to install requirejs?

That sample seems to run OK, as is. I do believe there are some minified versions of pdfkit available, but I haven’t tried them. What software is issuing those errors?

The sample is moderately old, so using RequireJS was the sensible thing to do back then. I suppose you could convert to using ES6 modules, also using the ES module version of GoJS: go-modules.js, but I haven’t tried it.