Performance in Firefox

In latest versions of Firefox (15.0 - 20.0.1) running on a Windows 7 machine we’re noticing that the movement when dragging shapes from the palette into the diagram, and sometimes when moving shapes around in the diagram isn’t particularly smooth.

The movement updates less regularly making the movement ‘jumpy’. I wondered if this was something you were aware of and if there was anything we could switch off to improve performance?

That must be something specific in Firefox’s implementation when dragging over other elements when the mouse is captured, because I don’t notice any problem with Internet Explorer or Chrome. We can investigate this when we get a chance, but I am skeptical that there is anything that we can do.

Hello Walter, I have this problem too.

I run firefox 48 on windows server 2012.

How can I fix this issue? I cant force my clients to work on different firefox so can we solve it from goJS?

This topic is over three years old. Can you tell me what problem you’re having, exactly?