Performance issues

I have around 50,000 nodes and more or less same numbers of link with ForceDirectedLayout with below settings.

ForceDirectedLayout layout = new ForceDirectedLayout();
layout.MaxIterations = 50;
layout.Epsilon = 1;
layout.InfinityDistance = 1000;
layout.ArrangementSpacing=new Size(200,200);
layout.DefaultElectricalCharge = 200;
layout.DefaultGravitationalMass = 10;
layout.DefaultSpringStiffness = 0.01;
layout.DefaultCommentSpringLength = 500;

ForceDirectedLayout is not mandatory. I am using it just because the diagram it generates is more appropriate for our requirement.

Currently it takes roughly 5 minutes to load all the nodes and links. we want to keep this under 1 minute.
Any recommendation?


We’d prefer it if you either asked by email or here in the forum, but not both – that wastes both your time and ours.

My answer by mail basically suggested reading the “Performance Considerations” of the GoXamIntro.pdf document.

Sorry. I thought it is general forum and did not know that Northwood Support team will be watching this. Posting the same question in places will be waste of time for me as well. Anyway thanks.