Hi All,
I want to be able to persist, my Diagram. I have been looking at several packages: Percistor.NET,Gentle, etc…
The only one that is close is Percistor, but it is new and has bugs.
Gentle won’t work because you have to derive from their object.

Any ideas?


What requirements do you have for the kind of persistence that you need?

Hi Walter,
I want to persist my layout.
So that when I return to the App, I can pull up my last Diagram.

OK, so a “batch” style of persistence such as reading/writing files is suitable.
You can look at how many of the sample applications read/write XML files with custom schemas. For the simpler diagrams and classes you can see all of the XML reading/writing code. For more complicated diagrams and classes, you might want to use GoXml. There are several examples of this too in the sample applications.
The advantage of GoXml is that it scales up to more complicated diagrams and class hierarchies and includes a lot of predefined functionality. The disadvantage is that it takes some time to learn.

Thanks Scott,
The File Save stuff worked like a champ. Does the api, support steaming? If so then I can save the xml to a XML column in my DB.

I will look at the docs for GoXMl.