Persisting GoView attributes

In the User Guide ch. 8 you explain how to write to an xml.

The GoXmlWriter is getting the collection of objects to persist.
In the example it send everything in the GoDocument.
My question is: how would you save some attributes from your view? (like scale etc...)
There's no support for XML built in to GoView, so you'd have to roll your own.
First thing you have to decide is how tied to the document the view settings are. Is the View info stored with the data, so that anyone that opens that data sees the same view initially? Or is it per-user where each person that sees the data sees it in the way they saved it.
Once you've figured that out, you save the zoom, DocPosition, etc that the user can modify within your app. (if setting grid size isn't an option, you don't have to save it, for example)

In other words, just define a GoXmlTransformer for GoView, just as you would for GoDocument and any other classes that you use and want to save. They don’t even have to be types that are part of GoDiagram.

But Jake’s point is the most important – you need to figure out the scope of that GoView-related information.