Pie chart / other info-graphic charts


I notice that there are no examples of generating pie charts or similar on the web site and forums. Is there a reason why pie charts are not do-able with gojs ? Are there any hidden or unfinished examples you could point me towards ?

I am looking for an example where I can draw a circle then fill it in with ‘wedges’ of varying proportions of the pie.

Just for the record I am aware that there are a lot of libraries designed to generate pie charts etc, but I am looking for a more expandable toolset for production of dashboard infographics and consider that the excellent gojs has much of what I will need to accomplish the task. Plus it will help convince my boss to make the investment ;-)


First, I assume you have already seen the sample that includes using piety.js for creating nodes with pie charts in them: http://gojs.net/latest/samples/canvases.html

Second, if you want a “native” GoJS alternative, which has its benefits, try: [EDIT: now two standard samples] http://gojs.net/latest/samples/pieCharts.html and http://gojs.net/latest/samples/dynamicPieChart.html

As usual, the complete source code is on each page.

Thanks Walter.

I am aware of piety.js and many others, but I am looking for more precise control, zoom, cross browser, and a lot of other factors that make me want to pursue a canvas-based solution for the time being. The natural projection of charting libraries that rely on hacks and bleeding edge CSS3 would seem to be towards canvas anyway - so I might as well adopt a library that has the required power.

The piechart2.html sample is great thanks. The arc + sweep gets me the wedges I need - superb.

Thanks for prompt reply.