Placing node in empty space diagram

Hi Walter, I use forceDirectedLayout from example fbLayout.
If I init data model by myDiagram.model = go.GraphLinkModel(nodeArray, linkArray) all links and node were placed according example. But after, if i append new node to model by myDiagram.model.addNodeData(data) it was setted in random place.
on empty place

How to place It in empty space of diagram?

Unless you have disabled automatic layouts when nodes or links are added or removed, the layout will happen again at the end of the transaction in which you added a node. That will cause the node to be moved away from any other nodes.

If you have a particular location you want to put the new node, then either set its Node.location after adding the data to the model, or (if there is a Binding on that property) set the node data’s property before you add it to the model.

How to able/disable automatic layouts?

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