Planogram node moving

I am using Planogram sample as reference.
code is in typescript angular.

  • set property isGridSnapEnabled = true; and my node size is also mulitple of cellsize.

I am facing issue is when I am drag a node or group it is not moving as grid cell size, it is not fit to grid cell size.

initial position image

after drag node or group image

it is in typescript so I create DragginTool object
private dragingTool: go.DraggingTool = new go.DraggingTool(); this.dragingTool.isGridSnapEnabled = true;
don’t what is i miss.


Clearly that is not a problem in the Planogram sample, Planogram, so it would be useful to see what differences there are between your app and the sample.

Perhaps you have defined a Part.dragComputation function?
If you have set DraggingTool.gridSnapCellSpot, have you set Part.locationSpot, and if so, did you set it consistently?

I already send code in email. please check. Part.dragComputation is not defined.