Planogram sample : How to add a node using addNode

adding a node using
e.diagram.model.addNodeData(myPaletteAssembled) and this does not show in the Diagram , Instead it shows -6 with a
small rectangle

Shown below is details of myPaletteAssembled:
myPaletteAssembled =
$(go.Palette, “myPaletteAssembled”,
{ // share the templates with the main Diagram
nodeTemplate: myDiagram.nodeTemplate,
groupTemplate: myDiagram.groupTemplate,
layout: $(go.GridLayout)
myPaletteAssembled.model = new go.GraphLinksModel([
{ key: “Rackassembledpatchpanel”, color: green,size: “200 200”,source:“cat6assembledtotalrack.png”},
{ key: “Rackassembledpatchpanel”, color: blue, size: “200 200”,source:“cat6assembledtotalrack.png”},
{ key: “Rackassembledpatchpanel”, color: yellow,size: “200 200”,source:“cat6assembledtotalrack.png”}

The value of myPaletteAssembled is a Palette, not a simple JavaScript object describing some node data.

If you want to add a node, the data that you pass to Model.addNodeData ought to be just like those objects that are in the Model.nodeDataArray.