Planograme Save

I want to save the planograme design same like as orgcharter. In orgcharter use the Graphic.Doc class to save the file. Same like as Planograme contains Graphic.Doc class to save? Else it have any alternation way to save the planogram design. Thanks in advance

Many of our samples have their own “GoDocument” class: StateCharter, OrgCharter, Familytree, FlowCharter, etc. Many of these samples also use XML to save/restore diagrams.

We don't try to demo every feature possible in every sample. planogrammer, in particular, uses GoDiagram more as a graphical object editor than as a diagram package. The focus of the Planogrammer sample is grids, snapping, GoGroup, IGoLabeledNode, GoPalette and Drag and Drop.
Adding save/restore to planogrammer isn't on our to-do list, but you should be able to look at the numerous samples we provide and adapt them to your needs.

Sure jake. Provide me the samples i can adopt with me. Thanks in advance.