Poly group layer

I am using two group template. one is normal group and another is Poly group(Polygon as a group). both group contain member nodes. and members are movable inside group. so i am trying to do is copy-paste/drag poly group inside normal group. so it is paste and drag fine. objects inside poly group is also showing(layer wise came front) but the poly group is going behind normal group.

so i tried with layer name and ZOredering for poly group.

  1. if i put Layer name as “Background” then member inside poly group is movable but while paste/drag inside normal group then poly group is hiding.

  2. if remove layer for poly group then member inside poly group is not moving and paste/drag inside normal group so poly group is coming in front of normal group.

  • so a need is like it should work on both of case both the things. member moving and display poly group inside normal group.

If you do not set or bind the Part.layerName, by default each Group will be behind all of its member Parts. In this case every member node will be in front of its containing group. But whether one Group is in front of or behind a different Group is not determined.

Alternatively you can explicitly control the z-ordering either by setting or binding Part.layerName or Part.zOrder. This is more complicated to manage.

It sounds as if you want all normal Groups to be in the “Background” Layer and you want all “Poly” Groups to be in the default “” Layer. You might also want to put all nodes that are members of normal groups to be in the “Background” Layer, but that’s not clear to me. I’m not sure I understand the scenario that you tried to describe.