Pool resizable problem

I want to resize the pool which is created dynamically also the previous as per the new one is shaped

When i resize the 2nd pool 1st one stays as it is,
Expected Behavior should be both should be resized to same size.

If you look at the lane-resizing behavior in the Swim Lane sample, Swim Lanes, you will see how all of the lanes in a pool are resized to have the same length.

One cannot resize a pool, and even if one could resize a pool, there is no provision for automatically resizing other pools.

That is how the Swim Lanes sample is designed. In your app it seems that you have a pool within a pool. Is that the case? With the regular swim lanes samples, one cannot have a pool inside a pool. Only lanes can be in a pool. If you change that group you inserted to be a lane, it’s probable that the built-in resizing and layout code from the Swim Lanes sample will automatically keep the lanes all the same length.

So there was a confusion I think. There is pool which is a group and swimlane which is also a group and the swimlanes are present inside the pool. the swimlanes are not resizing by themselves to the pool size and we are not able to make sure that happens. Is there a way to ensure that when a swimlanes is resized then all the other simlanes also should.

Pool groups have category: "Pool".

Lane groups have category: "", the default category, which you don’t need to set in the data.

What data did you add?