Port position and linkable/non-linkable parts in a node

Hello, walter.

I have a question related with the node template and port position.

I defined custom node template like below.


And it’s linked from/to another nodes like this.

How may I move the link ports of this node template to look more pretty and intuitive.
Finally, I’d like to make like this.

I thought that perhaps, I may make node exclude several parts to be non-linkable.

Please help me.

I think you want to do what is discussed at GoJS Ports in Nodes-- Northwoods Software.

In your case that means setting GraphObject.portId to the empty string on the rectangular panel in your node template.

You might also want to set Part.layerName to “Background” on your link template, so that all Links are behind all Nodes. But that’s your choice, if you want Links not to cross over your TextBlocks.

what a nice answer this is!
what a nice framework gojs is!

thank you, walter!