Positioning nodes inside the sub graph

I want to place a node inside a sub graph as its origin position, for example if the sub-graph is in position 700,800 and the node inside the sub-graph is 20,40 then the goJs should cosider it as
720,840, is there any functionality or property are there in node template

The general design is that each Part has its position/location and size in document coordinates.

But you could translate member Node locations when you load and save models.

is there any way to set initialposition in group template by that the nodes inside the group will positions from the initial position

 let localDig = $(go.Diagram, "messageFlowDiv", {
      "animationManager.isEnabled": false,
      initialPosition: new go.Point(0, 0),

I just want to know wheter group template has any property called initialposition like diagram

There’s no such property on groups. As Walter said, node locations are specified in document coordinates, so you’ll need some kind of translation if your data is formatted differently.

is there is any example…?

Sorry, we don’t have such an example. Before loading your model, you could run the data through a function to fix up the locations, and then do the same when saving your model. If you have nested groups, you’ll probably want some kind of recursion.