Possible to increase the layer /link height

Is it possible to increase the height of a particular link in the organization chart?

Say, I have an Employeee tree with 3 employees

1 Parent employee and 2 sub employees

1st sub employees that belongs to grade 1 should be of link path of height 10, and Link path of sub employees in grade 2 should be 20;

You can set the PenWidth of the link.

Thank you for the reply. But I dont see a property called PenWidth.

I m posting the code, Please let me know whether I am in the right path

<northwoods:Diagram x:Name=“OrganizationChartControl” Grid.Row=“1” TemplateApplied=“OrganizationChartControl_TemplateApplied”

NodeTemplate="{StaticResource NodeTemplate}" ModelReplaced=“OrganizationChartControl_ModelReplaced”>


<Path StrokeDashArray="{Binding Converter={StaticResource DiagramLinkConverter}}" northwoods:LinkPanel.IsLinkShape=“True” Stroke=“Black”

StrokeThickness=“3” Stretch=“Fill”>


<northwoods:Route Routing=“Normal”/>




<nortwoodsLayout:TreeLayout Angle=“90”/>



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It appears that you are using GoXam, not GoDiagram.

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Is your question actually about where the employee nodes are positioned relative to the “parent” employee node?

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