Potential Bug for Undo/Redo using PolygonDrawing and Geometry Reshaping Tool

We have been using the Polygon Drawing Tool in conjuction with the Geometry Reshaping tool. We noticed that we are unable to peform an undo if we move the pinch points of the polygon.

Steps to reporduce:

  1. Open http://gojs.net/latest/extensions/PolygonDrawing.html
  2. Create a polygon or select the one already created by default.
  3. Select one of the pinch points and move. (Polygon properly reacts to moves in pinch point)
  4. Attempt to undo. (No response)

Here is a look into the exception that is thrown in the Google Chrome debugger

Looks like a bug, thanks for spotting it. We’ll take a look.

Actually, it’s been fixed in 1.7alpha, as you can experience for yourself. I suppose we could back-port the somewhat complicated code to 1.6. It’s too late for 1.6.18, so maybe next week in 1.6.19.

This has been fixed in the 1.6 branch and will be out in 1.6.19

Awesome. Please let us know when the release is available for download. You guys rock!!

Good Morning. Has this fix been released yet?

Last week I had wanted to delay 1.6.19 to include an unrelated bug fix, but that looks unlikely for now, so there’s no reason to wait any more.

So I have built 1.6.19 and made it available at http://gojs.net/beta. You can try it out and tell us if it meets your needs.

We still need to test it on a bunch of different platforms before we can release it as the “latest” supported version.