Prevent adding change to undo manager history list

Hello, I have a node that have button panel which is activated/deactivated when user clicks on already selected node. I’m using a data binding to tell node when to show/hide panel according to user actions. Code for this is trivial an looks like:

click: function (e, obj) {
        if (e.targetObject.part.isSelected) {
            let state =;
            e.diagram.model.setDataProperty(, "options", !state);

I want to this data change is skipped by undo manager because otherwise undo/redo action changes visibility of panel which is not desirable. I tried remove directly from UndoManager.history list last action but object is frozen. So I hope there is a way to prevent that undo manager register this property change as a undoable action.

Best regards

Temporarily set skipsUndoManager. Remember to conduct a transaction.

      var oldskips = myDiagram.skipsUndoManager;
      myDiagram.skipsUndoManager = true;
      myDiagram.startTransaction("options visible");
      ... modify diagram or model ...
      myDiagram.commitTransaction("options visible");
      myDiagram.skipsUndoManager = oldskips;