Prevent re-routing on moving a node


I want to be able to add/remove points on links.
I saw that post :

I’m now able to add points ! However, when I move a node, the link connected to that node is reinitialized(re-routed ?) to the original route and I lose all my added points.

You can even reproduce that with the demo ( in the “Link Demo” :

  1. Select a link you’re able to move points
  2. Move a point of the selected link
  3. Move the node connected to that link

The link’s route is reinitialized.

Is there a way to prevent that the link’s route is not reinitialized when I move the node connected to that link ?

Thanks for your help !

Try setting Route.Adjusting=“End” on your Link.Route of your Link template(s).

My Adjusting was to Stretch, but the Routing=“AvoidNodes
I change the Adjusting=“End” and Routing=“Orthogonal” and it works !

Thanks for your help again !