Hi, I am trying to implement the preview, but the size of the preview change depending on the value of a combo (as shown in the photo), the example of ER DIAGRAM has preview, but the size of the sheet is always the same.
I could help to make the size of the preview variable? I’m new and I can not find a way.

Thank you

Are you asking about the in-place print preview that is implemented in the Entity Relationship sample? Or are you talking about your own print preview dialog? Also, are you asking about WPF?

If you are asking about the Entity Relationship sample’s in-place preview, just set the PreviewingPrintManager.PrintableArea property. That will work in both WPF and Silverlight.

Note that control-shift-mouse-wheel changes the PrintManager.Scale. I don’t know if you want to allow that in your app. If you don’t want it, you can delete the PrintPreviewToolManager class.

Is in silverlight, but the PreviewingPrintManager.PrintableArea property can set in runtime? or only in pageload?

It works to set PrintableArea dynamically.