Print crashes for strange paper formats

The method GoView.Print throws a Win32Exception after setting a print size of e.g. 2000mm x 500mm (tested in combination with FinePrint):

HRESULT = 0x80004005
LastWin32Error = 0x7F
Other print sizes work pretty good in the same context.
Are there any limitations concerning the maximum print size for the GoView.Print-method?
Stefan Keinitz

I didn’t know of any limits.

Two meters by half a meter? That's pretty big. I don't know how we're going to test this, except maybe by fooling print preview.
What happens to memory usage during this time? Can you tell about any other possible resource limits?


yes, i know it is pretty big - stuff that only testers do...
I cannot notice any dramatic additional memory usage - application crashes pretty fast.
But - maybe - this problem is not a GoDiagram-problem - Microsoft Paint e.g. says something like "Image cannot be printed" when printing an image with the same print size...
Maybe its a FinePrint problem.