Print is not working in Win7 x64

My application is using GoDiagram and I noticed that Print is not working in Win7 x64, but works for other platforms. I haven’t tested it on other x64 machines. PreintPreview works fine in x64.

Is this a bug in 3.0? Has 4.0 fixed this issue?
We are using GoDiagram Win for .NET application.

First we’ve heard of it… we’ll check it out. thanks.

Well,I’m not having any trouble printing with the current development of 4.1 (built against .NET 4.0). But I have found that 3.0.3 won’t bring up a Print dialog on Win7 x64.

Can you confirm that’s what you’re seeing (or in this case, not seeing)?

I don’t remember us fixing anything, maybe this is a .NET 2.0 issue on Win7? I’ll do some research.

Yes, I can confirm that Print does not work on Win7 x64. Also, those examples from 3.0.3 have the same issue.

Our license is still valid licnse and we will upgrade it to latest version later.

Looks like we’re not the only ones seeing this problem with Win7 x64.

setting PrintDialog.UseEXDialog = true apparently fixes the problem, but I have no idea what other side effects that has.

I’m seeing this on win7, vista and server 64-bit versions. 32 bit versions work fine. So i’m trying to implement the suggestion above, but (dumb question?) how do i get at the printdialog Goview is using if I’m calling goview.print()?

I am a bit out of date - using GoDiagram Express

You can override PrintShowDialog in your GoView class. See the reference API.

(Are you sure you have Express? Orders I see from your company are for GoDiagram 2.5. And yes, you are way out of date, really should get the latest. Contact Sales through the website for a quote.)