Print preview add more pages on node move

I have some nodes on a diagram and a print preview command. On click of print preview button I display the print grid using following event handler.
this.Diagram.Panel.DiagramBoundsChanged += (s, e) => UpdatePrintGrid();
When I click on the print preview button for the first time the print preview is correct, it is as shown in the below image FirstPreview.png

Now when I move any node when print preview is on, the diagram bounds change and diagram adds one more page. There is a big difference between the diagram.Panel.DiagramBounds, even though the node is moved slightly and not beyond the page borders. I have a refresh command where I recreate entire diagram. As a user I need to refresh entire diagram every time I move any node.

To avoid this how do I get correct bound so that print preview is proper?

Is this WPF or Silverlight?

Its WPF GoXam related functionality.

I cannot reproduce that problem with the in-place print preview support implemented in the Entity Relationship sample. Could you tell me more information about how to reproduce the problem? Might you have a Diagram.Padding with a large Thickness.Bottom?