Print Preview Problem

I seem to have a problem with print preview. The only thing I’m calling is View.PrintPreview() and what shows in the dialog looks different than what’s in the view. Specifically, a lot of the objects that are not visible (I have a pretty complex object composed of other smaller objects) in my shape are completely visible in print preview. Also, some boxes I have that are supposed to change depending on another shapes bounding rectangle are just there in the corner. It’s as if LayoutChildren isn’t called in some cases.

Any idea what could be the cause?

Can you post screenshots of the view and the print preview window? Use the “post reply” button at top-right of page to get an editor that allows image uploads.

Notice the red arrows in my previous post pointing to objects in the container that should be hidden.

It’s showing cut-marks, which are helpful for multi-page print-outs.

For the other objects – is that also what gets printed?
If so, perhaps you forgot to set GoObject.Printable to false when you set GoObject.Visible to false.

Not sure what you mean by cut-marks.

Well, considering I’m not setting Printable anywhere, I’d say that’s a pretty good possibility. Smile

Would be nice if there was another property at the document or view level that would allow me to indicate “don’t print invisible objects” or something so I don’t have to set this everywhere.

Thanks though, I’ll try this out.

Cut marks show the corner of the printable area on the page. If you are going to have a multi-page diagram, it shows you where to cut the edges (margins) off the paper to align the separate pages.