Print to file, can it bring up a file dialog

If I click the print button, and then check the “print to file” checkbox it brings up a weird dialog that just asks for an output file name.

Is there a way to:

  1. Bring up a standard windows file dialog
  2. Default the path to print to somewhere else ( users don’t have access to print to the bin folder)
  3. Bring up the file when it is done (or an explorer window with the file selected), or have a message that say where the file was printed to.

What are my options here? :)

My default printer on my system is an HP OfficeJet Pro… and I do get a "Save Print Output As… " dialog.

So… not sure what to tell you. I’m also on Windows 8.1. Not sure who (.NET, Windows, the printer company ? ) is responsible for that dialog you are seeing.

Is there anyone that can test this on Windows 7?

My dialog just has one label “Output File Name:” with a textbox underneath it, and “OK” and “Cancel” buttons.

OK… On Windows 7, I see what you’re talking about. And my default printer is the same HP on both systems.