Printing issues


I come now to printing issues…

Can you explain me how enabled the “only selection printing”, “scale the diagram to print only one page” options.

Thanks in advance

If you set PrintManager.Scale to NaN, it will automatically scale the diagram to fit on one page.

Support for printing the Diagram.SelectedParts, or any given collection of Parts, is in version 1.2, which should be starting beta testing next week. You’ll be able to set or data-bind the PrintManager.Parts property. For example:

<go:Diagram x:Name="myDiagram" . . .> <go:Diagram.PrintManager> <go:PrintManager Parts="{Binding ElementName=myDiagram, Path=SelectedParts}" /> </go:Diagram.PrintManager> </go:Diagram>
will always print whatever parts the user has selected. If the user doesn’t select any parts, it prints the whole diagram.