Printing Issues


Printing only a diagram is easier but its real hard if you customize it
and then print. I am trying to print a Diagram but everytime I print it
gets full chart on printer sheet. Here’s my scenario:

I have a frame of size of A4 sheet scaled to fit into my screen. It contains 3 rows. First one contains Header, second one contains Diagram and Third one has Footer.
All are those items which I want on my printer sheet when I fire Print
Command. The frame i see on my screen is actually the printer sheet. I
want my print to follow the principle of “What you see is what you get”.

Now here are my 2 queries.

  1. If I use print feature provided by GoXam, it only prints the diagram.
    I want Header and Footer too on my print sheet. By creating ForegroundTemplate, I think I could not achieve this. Do you have any opinion sir?
  2. Second. Just imagine my chart is bigger in size. It doesn’t fit into
    visible area. And now when I print my chart, only visible area should
    come into print. The rest of the chart should get omitted. One thing
    that can help is by defining Section into that visible area and
    when I Print I should pass that section name. I would like to know how
    can we create sections as you have mentioned in GoXamIntro document but I
    didn’t find it explanatory

If you want a header or footer or other decoration to be printed on each page, you need to use PrintManager.ForegroundTemplate or BackgroundTemplate.

If you want to limit the area printed to the area that is visible in the Diagram, first set Diagram.PrintManager.Bounds to the value of Diagram.Panel.ViewportBounds.