We are trying to print a diagram to PDF ( Adobe ) and tried the entity example print preview but for some reason it gives a divide by zero error and even when we change the printable area in code, by using the control shift it always prints on multiple pages. It somehow assumes / is set to print on letter size.

We also tried setting <go:PrintManager ForegroundTemplate="{StaticResource PrintTemplate}" Scale=“NaN”/>

and select the page size but it prints on the bigger page size but does not scale to fit.

Any recommendations to get this accomplished?

Was this Silverlight or WPF? Which version?

I’m unable to reproduce the divide-by-zero problem. How can I reproduce it?

I don’t have an Adobe PDF print driver available, so I haven’t reproduced the problem with multiple pages. But I only get a single page when printing to a real printer or to the Microsoft XPS driver. Do you?

I get a single page when setting Scale=“NaN” to a real printer and to ADOBE but in ADOBE it is not scaled to the paper size. I also might have found why I get the devide by zero error. It might have to do with the printer being out of paper and also when the Paper that I am trying to print on is not in the default Bin. I will test this again at the client site since we do not have a large format printer and let you know. I was trying to print to PDF as a workaround but since the Bin issue might be cause to the devide by zero error I will try this tomorrow at the client site. Will let you know. Thanks,

Hi Walter,
We have it working, the problem was that when you print to ADOBE Pdf Printer with a high DPI you get an error and sometimes it does not print at all. I think it has to do with some limitation in Silverlight printing. We were able to print on A1 but with a lower DPI


I’m glad you figured out a work-around to yet another limitation in Silverlight.