I have a GoRectangle with a GoText as a GraphNode. I have two GraphNodes on a GoView where the text of each GraphNode is separate lengths. When I do a print preview, or print for that matter, then the one GraphNode has large text and the other small text. It does not print as it looks in the View?

I haven’t seen or heard of anything like that. I know that there used to be a problem that the fonts used for printing being different from displaying caused minor differences in measurement. This could cause significant changes in wrapping, but the text would appear approximately the right size. This bug was present in GoDiagram 1.0 and was fixed in GoDiagram 1.1.
I also know that there have been a number of bugs in .NET’s implementation of print preview, some of which may remain, and for which we cannot compensate.

I have exactly the same problem. The text rescales to fit the text box
when printing but not in the editor. Any idea or solution?

This is a bug that we have already fixed but not yet released. Send us e-mail.