Problem coming in GoDiagram

Hi to all,
I am working on window based project.In which I am using GoDiagram.
One problem is coming that in left pane element is coming from code,but I want to same as visual studio toolbox.means I want to use icon instead of this.and also when user again opens that layout then it shows same icon as he saved.
I am attaching here my file.

So are you asking how you do drag and drop into a GoView from a window that isn’t a GoPalette?

Demo1 has a sample of drag & drop from a TreeView control...

No,In left pallete u are seeing different network diagram.It is coming from graphnode.cs file.But I want to show it as icon as in protoapp application.but I am not getting how to display it and insert in database.and again when user opens any saved layout the show exact same icon as placed.

OK… I think I’m following you now. You want icons for node graphics, not the shapes.

One thing that might be confusing you is that the samples have multiple different "GraphNodes", derived from different GoNode classes.
Demo1: public class GraphNode : GoSimpleNode
FlowCharter: public class GraphNode : GoTextNode
OrgCharter: public class GraphNode : GoTextNode
ProtoApp: public class GraphNode : GoSimpleNode
GoSimpleNode is a node with two ports, an icon, and a label.
see for some pics of different types of nodes we include, and see the User Guide for more detail.