Problem in SVG write

Hi all,
I’m getting the following error when I’m trying to write the contents of a document.
org.apache.xalan.transformer.TransformerIdentityImpl.transfo rm(
at com.nwoods.jgo.svg.DefaultDocument.a(Unknown Source)
at com.nwoods.jgo.svg.DefaultDocument.SVGWriteDoc(Unknown Source)
at com.nwoods.jgo.svg.DefaultDocument.SVGWriteDoc(Unknown Source)

The document object (which i’m trying to write) is made to extend JGoDocument and I’m giving custom implementation for SVGWrite() method. Also, I’m extending JGoIconicNode and overriding SVGWrite() there also. Shortly, my document object contains a lot of custom jgoiconicnode objects.
Thanks in advance

There’s not much to go on with the above errors, but one possibility is that you may be having trouble with the org.apache classes. In recent versions of the JDK all these classes are built-in. If you are trying to reference any external JAXP classes in your class path, try just removing them.

I checked all my classes…the problem is not with version or whatever… because, i could sucessfully write the XML when i use plain JgoIconicNode instead of my custom iconicnode… i guess the problem comes when i introduce my custom iconicnode…Any help would be appreciated!!!
This the error statement

at com.nwoods.jgo.svg.DefaultDocument.a(Unknown Source)

It’s difficult to tell without getting the source line number in DefaultDocument. You have the source code for the SVG package. Can you rebuild it so that the line number where the exception occurs is shown?
In addition, you should set a breakpoint in your SVGWriteObject() method for your custom iconicnode and see if the error is occuring on one of lines of code in that method.