Problem SizeFAttr


I am trying to read XML and load diagram. XML file is
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

In that node size is stored as size="21 21"
In ConsumeAttribute function i have written following code
GoBasicNode n = (GoBasicNode)obj; n.Position = PointFAttr("xy", new PointF(100, 100)); if (IsAttrPresent("size")) n.Size = SizeFAttr("size", new SizeF(100, 100)); n.Text = StringAttr("label", n.Text); n.LabelSpot = Int32Attr("labelSpot", n.LabelSpot);
but i m facing problem like though SizeFAttr("size", new SizeF(100, 100)); returns correct value from XML still m not able to assign it to n.Size its taking default value. so node size changes.
Can u plz suggest any solution
thanks in advanced.

When you create the GoBasicNode, initialize its AutoResizes property to false. Instead of saving and restoring the size of the whole node, save and restore the size of the GoBasicNode.Shape.


Autoresizes= false is working properly...but still i m not able to restore size of GoBasicNode.Shape

Are you restoring the Shape’s Size after setting AutoResizes to false?