Problem using trial license

I have downloaded GoWin for .NET 4.0 Windows Forms trial for VS2010, installed fine, but when I tried to run the sample the following message came up:

"Built using GoDiagram Win for .Net Windows Forms, version 4.1
Copiright (C) Northwoods Software, 1998-201. All Rights Reserved.
The license for this copy of GoDiagram is invalid or has expired.
Please purchase a license at ..."
I am running Windows 7, 64 bit edition
I would appreciate an advice in this regard.

If you run the License Manager, does it show valid trial licenses?

Thansk for the prompt response.
Here the licenses from license manager:
The following licenses are present:
Northwoods.Go 4.1 evaluation (4.1.0), development expiring 2020-12-29
Northwoods.Go.Layout 4.1 evaluation (4.1.0), development expiring 2020-12-29
Northwoods.Go.Instruments 4.1 evaluation (4.1.0), development expiring 2020-12-29

Oh… are you running one of the sample .exes from the kit?

The license is built into those, those should work on any system.

Sample .exes included with the kit run fine. But when I compile the projects that are included in the sample4 solution all of them fail to run.

OK, I don’t think we’ve ever seen this before, when an eval license fails to work on WinForms. Is there anything “weird” about your system configuration or security wise?

Nothing that I could possibly think of. My account belongs to Administrators group. Should I take a look at something in particular?

There is one thing though - a couple weeks back I did install an application built with commercial GoDiagram license, and uninstalled it shortly after. Is there a chance that uninstaller left something behind that now prevents the evaluation license to work?
I really appreciate your help on the issue.
Kind regards,

That shouldn’t matter. I’ll send you some email on how to do a complete reset / reinstall. We’ll see if that helps.

Yes, it helped!

The problem was definitely related somehow to security settings on my machine - I will send you few observations I did while following your advice, may be they will help you to better understand what exactly happened. Feel free to share them on the forum if you choose so.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards,

Jake, please could you send me a copy of the same email, as I seem to be experiencing the same problem. Thank you.


Perfect. Followed the instructions, re-installed, and problem resolved. Thank you Jake

Hi Jake, I am also facing the similar issue with win64, I understand this thread is very old. I would appreciate if you can send me the instructions if available.