Problem with AutoLayOut with collapsible

I am using AutoLayOut. My application involves showing a tree diagram with the data from database. I have referred to the TreeApp example for making collapsible nodes.
Everything goes fine except when I perform the Autolayout the nodes and links get re arranged but the collapsing handles (+/- buttons) do not go with the nodes. While If I dont perform a AutoLayOut and try to rearrange the nodes manually, the collapsing handles (+/- buttons) move along with the nodes.
Any explanation for this behaviour?

I had a similar problem whereby the user edits a goText, and then performs a layout without ending the edit. This causes the edit box to stay where it is, and not move with the object.
I had to override the LayoutChildren and move the control myself, maybe if you can get a reference to the ± buttons, you can move them manually.

That’s a bug (in autolayout) that has already been fixed for the next release.