Problem with link positioning

I noticed strange behaviour of links in my graphs built with GoDiagram. I use typical new GoLink() contrustor where specified fromPort and toPort.

Vertical links are “shorter” than they must be (see the picture) so they actually do not connect two nodes. When I move nodes, problem disappears (second picture) but after returning node to its previous position it occurs again.

What can be the reason of this strange behaviour?

I’m going to guess here that the link is routing to a label that can’t be seen under the node. Note it is happening
underneath the 2 big nodes as well.

Create the node without a label.

Thank you, Jake, but it doesn’t solve the problem. My nodes are without labels.
I use this code for node creation:

GoIconicNode iconNode = new GoIconicNode();
iconNode.PartID = partId;
iconNode.Initialize(null, string.Empty, string.Empty);
obj.Selectable = false;
obj.Size = new SizeF(10, 10);
iconNode.Icon = obj;
iconNode.ToolTipText = text;
iconNode.UserObject = new GraphObjectData { NodeEntityId = entityId };


Pass null for the second and third parameters to Initialize. The “name” parameter as null will prevent a GoText being create for Label.

Thank you very much, it works.