Problem with palette

I have a strange problem using a palette.
I made a collapsible panel with Jquery and after changed the width and visibility of the div of the palette I called the requestUpdate method of the palette diagram.
The problem is that the diagram updates only when I pass over a node with mouse.

After put mouse over the icon the palette displays completely.

Here is what I’ve done to re-size the diagram :

var styles = {

        border: "solid 1px #ececec",
        width: "250px",
        height: "600px"


$(’#toolbar’).animate({ width: “250px” }, 400);

Could you help me please?

Thank you very much!

I suspect you need to call requestUpdate() after the animation is finished, not when it is started.

Oh, you are right!
I moved the call to requestUpdate() in the complete event of the animation and it worked great.

Thank you very much!