Problem with scrollbars


when i set goview to this.SheetStyle = GoViewSheetStyle.Sheet;
my diagram behaves correctly when i set the docPosition but i have problem with the vertical scrollbar see picture:
it gets an undesired extension on top. i wouldn't mind if i get this extention on bottom but its problematic for me to get this extention on top.
is there a way to prevent this from happen?
hope my problem was clear.

try this:

I don't really understand what is the sheetStyle is all about but when you set it to GoViewSheetStyle.Sheet the scrollbars start working correctly. i just have problem with the negative coordinates. if i have no choice then i'll render my entities relating to the negative start position and not relating to zero.l ill try to programmatically scroll my top left position to the negative top-left position so the scrollbars will not show this extention. is there a simple way for me to calculate the negative length (gap between zero and min value on X axis and min value on Y axis)?
hope my question was clear.
your solution (the link you gave me) didn't work well for me.
Thanks again,

Read the API reference for GoView.LimitDocPosition. That’s the logic that kicks in when SheetStyle=None.