Problem with Shape and Geometry

I created a Shape with a geometry inside like this:

    $(go.Shape, {
      row: 1,
      column: 0,
      geometry: okIcon,
      stroke: "#97c167",
      width: 25,
      height: 25,

 const okIcon = go.Geometry.parse(
      "M549.333,257.296L601.389,316.97 322.804,561.393 166.611,380.349 226.655,328.737 330.632,449.449z M384.004,87.1416C220.008,87.1416 87.0911,220.032 87.091,384.004 87.0911,448.054 107.373,507.361 141.866,555.859L143.428,558 144,558 144,558.784 146.073,561.626C154.622,573.055,163.975,583.848,174.049,593.92L178.007,597.784 181.69,597.784 181.69,601.264 184.36,603.749C237.087,651.661 307.13,680.86 384.004,680.86 547.896,680.86 680.813,547.972 680.813,384.004 680.813,220.032 547.896,87.1416 384.004,87.1416z M384.004,0C595.687,-4E-06 768,172.266 768,384.004 768,595.737 595.687,768 384.004,768 172.219,768 -4E-06,595.737 0,384.004 -4E-06,172.266 172.219,-4E-06 384.004,0z",

But the result as you can see is wrong
I would expect that the external circle was a circle!

I think that the path is correct because I took it from another software and using a tool like this SVG Path Editor · the result is correct. I have also other two path from the same software and they work perfectly.
What’s the problem?

Best regards

I believe this is the same bug as go.Shape with valid svg geometry string. --> range error.

A new release will be out soon.

We’ve just released 1.8.12, which fixes the bug in Geometry.parse. Please try it.

Here’s an example:

In your example on codepen the result is always the same and the bug isn’t fixed.

By the way your update in my code worked perfectly and fixed the problem!

Did you force all of the files to be reloaded, in order to clear any cached files?

Hi Walter,
sure I have clear the cache but on codepen the problem persisted.
In my webapp the problem now is fixed so you can close the topic.
If you need some support from me just tell me. ^^


Odd, I don’t see that. But you’re right – it doesn’t really matter. I’m glad it’s working for you.