Problem with ToolTipText


I have set tooltip property of GoView as:
this.ToolTip.AutoPopDelay = 5000; this.ToolTip.InitialDelay = 0; this.ToolTip.ReshowDelay = 0; this.ToolTip.UseFading = true; this.ToolTip.UseAnimation = true; this.ToolTip.IsBalloon = true; this.ToolTip.ToolTipIcon = System.Windows.Forms.ToolTipIcon.Info;
But i want to set this.ToolTip.ToolTipTitle based on type of GoObject.
It is working fine by setting this.ToolTip.ToolTipTitle on GoView.ObjectHover( ) function. But problem is when i move mouse cursor from a object to another typr of object, then first it shows tooltiptexttitle in tooltip for previous object, then shows for current object also tooltip takes size of previous object. if tooltiptext size is more than that of previous object, then it doesn't show the full tooltiptext.But if again after some seconds, i take mouse on same object, then it shows proper tooltiptext.
So please help me out.

Tooltip support is built in to GoObject and GoView. You just need to set the ToolTipText on the nodes (or override GetToolTip).