Problems Copying Objects


Has anyone faced the problem of copying nodes programmatically?
My nodes have two symbols on it.
These symbols are clickable.

After Copying by ctrl-c, ctrl-x (all classes are serializable) the symbols get lost visibally. But they are still on the node now.
What will I have to do to reinitialize them!?

Please Help!!!

I’m still searching for the right solution.

Will post the solution if I should find it first.


I’ve noticed overriding CopyChildren will improve the situation. But that’s not the whole job. Still got problems with the pics not showing up. And the original node text-label seems to be shared.


Got Serialization to work properly now.

still left is the Copying by using the AddCopy-Method.


Solution was using the GoImage.DefaultImageList and re-set it after
Copying/Pasting objects.


Solved my problem. Besides other problems CopyChildren seemed to do most of the job.