Problems in dataset demo like application.

Hi to all,

I am using dataset demo in our project,but we are making it database driven.
I think our one requirement is not fulfilling by GODiagram.Can you please help me to get that solution for this.I will be thankful for this.
1) We are bringing it from database and representing in tree form.But we also want to use drill down like structure.such that there may be a "-" like icon for compacting nodes and "+" like icon for expanding nodes.
Please give a solution for this.(We are using dataset demo here.)
Waiting for your response.
Thanks in advance.

Did you want to do something like what the TreeApp sample application does?

If so, you can modify the PersonNode to be like a TreeAppNode.
Basically you need to implement the IGoCollapsible interface and add a GoCollapsibleHandle to the node. I don't know if you want to permit users to drag nodes around, or to copy them, so you can ignore those aspects of TreeApp.

Hi walter,

Thanks for your response.
we are facing a problem in implementing the collapse/expand feature in datasetdemo like application.
Although we are using it to modify like TreeApp sample application but not finding solution for it.we are facing problem regarding a change in OnDemandTreeAppNode.cs file of TreeApp application
Can you please help us to implement collapse/expand like feature in datasetdemo like application.