Problems selecting ports

I am using GeneralNode for my nodes and just using a basic JGoLink for my links.

The problem I am having is that lets say the node has 5 input ports and you start connecting them you soon reach a point that you can’t select any of the available ports… it seems that the links are not allowing connection to the ports. Ouch

I’m using a single view layer right now. Should I move all my links to their own layer?


I’m not sure I understand the situation you are describing.

Sure, it's common to put all the links in a separate layer.

If I have a GeneralNode with 5 ports on one side and start connecting the ports to another node (lets say 1, 3, 5) it gets to the point that I can’t select any of the remaining ports (2, 4) to connect them. I tried increasing the size of the port (11 right now) but it doesn’t seem to help.

I have setFromSpot/setToSpot set to NoSpot on all the ports.

If you put all the links in a layer below the layer holding all the nodes, that would ensure that mouse downs would be seen by all of the ports/nodes first.

However, since you have set the FromSpot and ToSpot to be JGoObject.NoSpot, that might mean the user won't be able to see exactly where links connect to ports when the links cross under the body (icon) of the node. That's a problem with using NoSpot for the port spots, and why the default for GeneralNodePorts is not NoSpot.

Hmmmm… setting the fromSpot/ToSpot to NoSpot is the only way to get the links to act curvy. Anything else and they go straight or octagonal. Not what is wanted.