Problems setting an 'itemArray' data in 'clickCreatingTool.archetypeNodeData'

Hi, I want to create a new node when doubleclick the Diagram, so I use following code:

this.myDiagram = $(go.Diagram, "myDiagramDiv", {
        "undoManager.isEnabled": true,
        "clickCreatingTool.archetypeNodeData": { text: "项目名称", source: [] }, // create a new node by double-clicking in background

The ‘source’ is an ‘itemArray’ so in nodeTemplate is like this:

$(go.Panel, "Horizontal", new go.Binding("itemArray", "source"), {
              itemTemplate: $(
                    width: 24,
                    height: 24,
                    margin: 8,
                  new go.Binding("source", "icon")

This ‘source’ are the icons in each node, but when I doubleclick and set some icons in the new node, all the other nodes created by doubleclick has same icons . If I change icons in one node , all the others change together. Can you help with this?

I suspect you need to set these properties to true:
Model.copiesArrays Model | GoJS API
Model.copiesArrayObjects Model | GoJS API

Or if you need to share some Arrays or some Objects, you will have to implement your own Model.copyNodeDataFunction.