Problems with Firefox 3.6.13

Hi Jake,<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I encountered a problem with ff 3.6.13 german version:

I have to click to node SAP (PRD) to get the properties of the associated placeholder node. Clicking on the placeholder node results in a move up(2_5 pix) of GoView

The behaviour of Chrome, Opera and IE is as expected.

same with ff 3.6.14 german version

Thanks for your Help



Both nodes move (like the view scrolls)? or just the one you click on?


only the selected placeholder node will be moved, if i hold down mouse a litle bit higher then the position of SAP (PRD). to move SAP (PRD) I musst click and hold down mousekey at the distance beetween the nodes obove SAP(PRD)

I’m having trouble understanding what is happening. It sounds like a simple click causes the node to move as if it were dragged a small amount?

I’ve done testing with Firefox 3.6.13 and I’m not seeing any problems in our sample apps.

Sorry, Jake, that I did not explain my problem in a clear way. i will try it again:
in Firefox 3.6.13 and 3.6.14 I encountered the problem that a click to the node shown in the graph as selected does not select this node. To select the node, I have to click a little bit higher as the top line of the SAP object. to select the SAP Object I have to clik obove the object. See added pic in original post (I’m too stupid to add a pic to the reply, sorry).

I tried it with the sample apps and they work with ff. My app does only work with IE, Chrome and Opera but not with Firefox.



I figuered it out:
function goMouseY(e) {
if (goIE) return e.offsetY; else return (;
gives a wrong result for firefox in my app. The reason is our framework and the design of the page (Pagetitle, PageContent and Pagefooter)
I habe to subtract the height of my pagetitle too:
function goMouseY(e) { if (goIE) {return e.offsetY;} else {if (navigator.appCodeName.indexOf('Mozilla') >= 0) {return (e.pageY - - 133);} else {return (e.pageY -;}} }

Is 133 the width of the panel to the left of your GoView?

No, jake.

133 is the height of my header panel. It is a fixed size in my app and therefore I use the fixed value.
Do you know, how to get the topposition of the goview element?

I’ve sent you a new GoWeb.js to try.

I’ll do the testing tomorrow in the morning.


Thank you very much, Jake!<?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

It works fine for me .

I tried it with IE8, Opera 11.01, Firefox 4 and Chrome10

Later the day I will have to try IE 9



with IE 9 your script works fine too. But I encountered an other problem:
My application tried to load *.css file which does not exist. No Browser had any problem with this except IE9. Ie9 stopped after 2 or 3 postbacks without any error msg. After deleting the link statement, all was fine Big%20smile

have a nice day and thank you very much