Problems with GoDocument.Clear

I am trying to debug a problem with my application that happens when I call Clear() on my document. Something bad is happening in the chain of events that occurs when I clear, and I can’t find out what the problem is. There doesn’t seem to be an exception raised anywhere.
BTW - I think that the problem is related to clearing an object when it is selected.
Any suggestions on how to proceed with the debugging?


GoDocument.Clear just calls GoLayer.Clear on each layer.
GoLayer.Clear just calls GoLayer.Remove on each object in the layer.
GoLayer.Remove temporarily sets GoObject.BeingRemoved to true, removes the layer’s reference to the object, raises a GoDocument.Changed event (with Hint == GoLayer.RemovedObject), sets the object’s Layer property to null, calls the object’s OnLayerChanged method, and finally calls the OnObservedChanged method on any observers of that object.
You didn’t say what “bad” thing is happening in your app.

When I try to step through the code using the Visual Studio debugger (2003) I get the error message:
“There is no source code available for the current location.”
This usually happens sometime after I call the Clear() function. Is this something that you have seen before?

Does everything work correctly in the application?
I assume you’re not someone who has a GoDiagram source license, and you’re not trying to step through our code or through Microsoft’s .NET Framework code. Perhaps it’s referring to your own code in another assembly for which debugging information isn’t available?