Processor example

I am trying to implement a draggable label functionality for links similar to Processor application.
However, in the Processor demo application, when I a select the label along with both two and from nodes, drag for some distance, and stop (without releasing the mouse button), the entire selection “oscillates”/“vibrates” about their centers.
Also, make sure that the label is dragged some distance away from the its parent link and the label is being dragged.
If you can reproduce this, then can you please guide me as why this is happening.

That’s caused by the conflicting goals of GoView.MoveSelection and the example FlowLink.LayoutChildren.
MoveSelection is telling each of the selected objects, including the selected LinkLabel and the link connecting the two nodes, to move by a certain amount, according to the mouse movement.
FlowLink.LayoutChildren is telling the LinkLabel to move to a certain offset from the link as the link is moved.
When I get a chance I’ll see what a reasonable work-around could be.