Production Process Editor angular

Hi, I am trying to implement production process chart in angular. But i am not able get the icon… after that i try to export the newly generated chart in an JSON format and need to update it.Kindly suggest or guide me to resolve my issue

Could you please provide more details about the situation and exactly what the problem is?

I have got the process editor code from your git hub repository. I tried to implement that JS code in ts.

I have attached the screenshot what I got. Am not able to get the images, But if I tried to give one static images for all element using GeometryString i can achieve that but i need different images on different element as you are posted in example.

If you look at the implementation of that sample,, you will see that all of the geometry path strings for the icons are defined in the Icons object. The data binding conversion function, geoFunc, expects the name of the icon to be the value of the data.icon property, not a geometry path string itself. If you really want such strings in your data, modify the geoFunc function to meet your needs.

I tried with geoFunc only but i can’t get the desired one, After that only I checked with geometry string.

GeoFunc is not calling at all in Ts

      // A data binding conversion function. Given a name, return the Geometry.
      // If the argument is not a known name, try parsing it as a geometry path string.
      // If there is only a string, replace it with a Geometry object, which can be shared by multiple Shapes.
      function geoFunc(geoname) {
        var geo = Icons[geoname];
        if (geo === undefined && typeof geoname === "string") {
          geo = Icons[geoname] = go.Geometry.parse(geoname, true);
        } else if (typeof geo === "string") {
          geo = Icons[geoname] = go.Geometry.parse(geo, true);
        return geo;

Thanks for the response.Its working now.