Programatically delete link from diagram

Thanks so much, You rock!
And I have still a issue.
If I remove a link, then myDiagram.model.linkDataArray changes but no change in UI.
$this.editDiagram.removeParts($this.editDiagram.findLinksByExample({from: fn, fromPort: fp}), false);
How to sync it?

hello? Plz reply

We pride ourselves on our responsive support, but you can’t expect answers within minutes every time. It was only 30 minutes between your previous posts.

Are you conducting that change within a transaction?

Yes. I did. How to programatically delete link? How to sync UI with model.linkDataArray?

There are a few ways to remove links. Most common are probably:

As long as you wrap within a transaction it should be reflected in the graph.

var link = myDiagram.links.first();
myDiagram.startTransaction("remove link");
myDiagram.commitTransaction("remove link");

By the way I just moved this to a new topic since it’s no longer related to drawing bezier links.