Programmatic selection of JGoNode

I am using the selectObject method for selecting a JGoNode programmatically. This node is inside a JTabbedPane tab. When I click on some other tab and come back to the node tab although the selection remains but the node is unable to receive KeyEvents. When I click on the node then it is able to receive the key events.

What do i need to do in addition to selectObject call for making the node receive key events when i switch tabs and come back to its tab?
It's the JGoView that isn't getting events.
What version of JGo and JRE are you using? Here's an old release note:
[quote] There are a number of Java bugs when using JInternalFrame or JTabbedPane,
dealing with focus and responding to events. You may need to get the latest
JDK. See the User's Guide and source code for how JGo tries
to handle JInternalFrame problems, and Java Developer Connection bugs:
4193463, 4217944, 4221037 (JTabbedPane)
4218515, 4292342, 4337114 (JInternalFrame)
and others involving drag-and-drop and focus and events.[/quote]