Proper Straight Line Link Semantic

I need links that are straight lines and aren’t segemented. Right now one link is a straight line, at first, but once I add some text to the node it is connected to, it segments.

The links definition is “link.Style = GoStrokeStyle.Line;” and I thought that forced the link to be a straight line. I see in the User Guide there is mention of maybe having to have the port spot set to NoSpot. However, I may not be able to do that.

If the ports have a ToLinkDir or FromLinkDir, then that will define the first stroke from (and to) the ports, with a straight link then connecting the short segments connected to the ports. (you can also set that SegmentLength)

Read the "Link Path" section in the User Guide for details and example pictures.

Jake, you meant to say, “If the ports have a FromSpot or a ToSpot” that is not GoObject.NoSpot, …

I said in my post I knew about the NoSpot option. I may or may not be able to use NoSpot, and I did try it and it still created bent lines (see graphic).